Terms of sale in SöderS Andrahandsbokhandel

SöderS Andrahandsbokhandel uses commission sales, this means that you as a seller will recive your profit when the book have been sold.

The second-hand bookshop sells your book/books for an administrative cost of SEK 30 / book. This cost covers materials and sales costs.

Once you have submitted your book to SöderS Andrahandsbokhandel, you have the right to pick it up whenever you want during the bookstore's opening hours. You can see it as the book belongs to you until someone buys it.

To simplify administration and to prevent the shelves in the bookshop to be overfilled with old books, the books expiers after 1 year. Before they expire, the bookstore will send out two emails to remind you to pick up your book or extend the time it should be on our shelves.

When your book has been sold, an email will be sent to you. Remeber that you have to fill in the payment basis and email it to or submit it to the bookshop. Reminder emails will be sent twice.

SöderS Andrahandsbokhandel reserves the right to reduce the price of your books if that price exceeds the market value of the book.

The bookshop does not accept fiction unless it is literature that is included in a courses.

We receive current compendiums from Södertörn University. Older compendium is advantageously left on the exchange shelf outside the bookshop as reference literature.

SöderS Andrahandsbokhandel reserves the right to refuse, for example, broken books, sharply mismanaged books or very old editions of some books, etc.

SöderS Andrahandsbokhandel is responsible for your books and in the event of theft or your book disappears during the time it is in the bookshop, the bookshop will replace the book with the amount you would have received (sales price minus administration fee) if the book was sold.