Certificate for study promotion commitment.

SöderS and associations at Södertörn University have an important function for student life and commitment at the university. The university therefore wants to reward those students who hold important positions within the student union and its member associations. Therefore, certain student activities at the university give extra points when you, as a student, apply for exchange studies. Each student can be awarded a maximum of 30 points during their study period.

Merits and points system

Leader position 15 points

This is given to those who have held a leading position such as spokesperson, chairman or editor-in-chief. Even secretaries, treasurers or the like with greater responsibility can be counted here at the request of the person in charge, provided that the association is sufficiently large/active.

Active involvement 7.5 points

Given to everyone who has held a post within the association (if one has been involved for more than 8 hours per term). Also given to student representatives, regular as well as deputies, and sponsors of exchange students.

Shorter assignments 3.5 points

Engagement carried out for a shorter period, for example in the form of project groups, sponsors, fair hosts or exam proctors. Shorter assignments are defined based on a total time of around 8 hours for work performed.

Request for certificate

The person in charge within an association is responsible for ensuring that information submitted to SöderS is correct - that the student has been active in the field for which the student requests points. When all the information has reached SöderS, a certificate is given by SöderS which is distributed via the person in charge in the association.