Are you re-registered for a course or are you a PhD student?

Send your course registration certificate or employment certificate to us via and we can update your study pace manually, as this does not happen automatically. A study rate is required for membership to be valid.

Welcome to SöderS

Be part of a student organisation that lobbies for a high quality, dynamic and trustworthy university education, as well as a vibrant campus environment. A student organisation which continuously aims to be transparent and sustainable, engaging students across all disciplines.

N.B. Membership is exclusively for students studying at Södertörn University. You have to be registered at Södertörn University for the membership to be valid. The membership will not be activated until the semester has started.

Why should you become a member?

SöderS is here to help. We want all students to get the support they need in addressing any challenges at Södertörn University. We strive to uphold a comfortable and social environment at the university, whilst providing the opportunity for all students to combine their studies with activities such as study nights, parties and pub nights.

Using the money collected from our membership fee, SöderS is able to offer support to the students at the university, support the member associations, arrange member benefits and discounts and much more.


Benefits of membership

To access your student union discounts, show your combined Mecenat/Student Union Card.

  • Discounts in the SöderS Andrahandsbokhandel
  • Discounts in the SöderS Pub
  • Earn 100 SEK per hour as a student representative
  • Get a coupon book worth 100 SEK
  • Access to the SSSB accommodation queue
  • Discounts on SöderS’ events, such as the Summer Party
  • The opportunity to start your own society, and apply for financial backing from SöderS
  • Union membership prices for movie tickets at Zita Bio. 
  • Free note book when buying course literature at Harrys Böcker.
Types of membership

125 sek

This is ideal for those students who are only studying one term at Södertörn University, or for those of you who want to get a feel for what it’s like being a SöderS member. This will give you access to all the membership benefits, such as discounts in the SöderS pub, the SöderS Secondhand bookshop or for SöderS’ events.

240 sek

Make sure you enjoy the benefits of being a member for a whole year. Purchase your membership today to stay involved in the student movement!

500 sek

For those who are a registered student at Södertörn University and read an individual course or program, but want to be a member of the union as long as you are a student at the university. This membership includes ten semesters, which means you can take a study break and still be a member when you are a student at Södertörn next time. Also, with this membership you do not have to keep track of when it ends, because you are forever a member of the union!

400 sek

If you're not a student at Södertörn University you can still support our activities. The support membership does not grant you the same benefits as the valid union membership. The support membership is for one semester.


Once you have paid your membership fee, SöderS will not be able to refund you. Therefore, if you either discontinue your studies or if you don’t register at Södertörn University, your membership will be transferred to a ‘support membership’. If you are unsure if you currently are a member, or if your membership payment went through, please contact us on 

Please do not forget that to become a SöderS member, or to renew your membership, you must have completed the following criteria: received a letter of acceptance from Södertörn University, attended your roll call and be registered to an education (programme or class/es). If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on