Sign up a as member, or renew your membership!

N.B. The membership portal for memberships valid from the spring of 2020 will open soon. The memberships that are available now are active during the fall of 2019 and forward, this is because the semester lasts until week 3. Please note that you have to be registered on a course and have an active study pace to have a valid membership.


New students at Södertörn University? 

If you are a new student at Södertörn University, you will be able to become a SöderS member after you have registered at the university as well as signed up for classes, or to a programme. If you sign up before then, we are unable to assign your membership to your name. Hence, as soon as the beforementioned has been completed and term begun, you can become a SöderS member whenever you like! 


Students returning to Södertörn University?

If you have been, and you still are studying a programme at Södertörn University, and therefore returning to the university to continue your studies, you can renew your membership. Your new membership will be activated once your study pace (for example 100%, 75% or 50%) has been registered for your new academic year. Please provide your personal email address (rather than your university email address), as this will make it easier for you to avoid missing out on deadlines or important information from us. 

If you have re-registered to a programme or to a course, please let us know by contacting us on so that we can register your study pace in the membership system. 


Once you have paid your membership fee, SöderS will not be able to refund you. Therefore, if you either discontinue your studies or if you don’t register at Södertörn University, your membership will be transferred to a ‘support membership’. If you are unsure if you currently are a member, or if your membership payment went through, please contact us on

Please do not forget that to become a SöderS member, or to renew your membership, you must have completed the following criteria: received a letter of acceptance from Södertörn University, attended your roll call, and be registered to an education (programme or class/es). If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on .