Student Housing

Stockholm's housing jungle did not come here to play. However, SöderS has some tips to make your study time easier.

Stockholms studentbostäder (SSSB)

SSSB has around 8 000 rooms and apartments all around Stockholm. If you are a student and a union member in a union connected to SSCO - you can queue and apply for an apartment.

Akademisk kvart

A second-hand platform for student housing in Stockholm. Akademisk kvart strives to provide second-hand housing that has a reasonable rent level in relation to students' general finances, which means that it is designed in the interest of students. Akademisk kvart is managed by SSCO with funding from, among others, Södertörn University.


Via Stockholm's housing agency, you can register your interest in student housing. There are often shorter queues than for the general stock - but still a long time. This option probably suits you who already live in Stockholm and have been standing in the queue for a while.

Södertörn University

The university itself has student apartments where international students have priority.

It's not okay to pay as high rent as possible just because you rent in the second place.

You should always pay the same rent as the one that rents first hand, with the exception of an additional fee of max ten percent if the apartment is furnished.

I'ts not okay to pay several rents in advance.

If you pay something in advance, you should always make sure that you have received a key or a binding contract. Also, always make sure you get a receipt for what you paid - it's so easy to be fooled!

I'ts not okay to not sign a contract - even if it's a shorter period.

The contract must state how long you live in the apartment, how much you pay in rent and how you or the landlord can terminate the contract. Always make sure you get your own copy of the contract and save it somewhere where you don't lose it.

It is okay to be a little suspicious.

If you are going to live with someone else or rent an apartment in the second place, you can be suspicious of either too low or too high rent. It is not likely that you will pay 5000 for a small room in someone's home, but it is also not likely that someone wants to rent the same room for a thousand dollars without expecting a repairs. Google a name, or ask for a social security number and check it out. Be careful and take care of yourself!