Support and guidance

SöderS offers support and counseling for students at Södertörn University who experience study-related problems. It could be, for example, problems relating to examinations, availability and the working environment or if you have been reported to the disciplinary committee, have been treated badly or ended up in a difficult situation.

Unlike the university, the student union is not an authority; we are an independent and impartial organization. This means that you, as a student or PhD student, can choose to be anonymous in contact with the student union. The Student and PhD Student Delegates also has no obligation to report and never provides further information unless the student wants it.

We can

  • Provide information about your rights and obligations as a student
  • Give you support and advice for study-related problems and help you contact the university
  • Be a mediator and independent party in case of any conflicts or misunderstandings between students and employees at the university
  • Provide you with information and guidance on how to proceed if you suspect that the college has broken a rule, or feel that you have been subjected to discrimination, bullying, harassment, sexual harassment or other abusive treatment.
  • Give the university recommendations on improvements and draw attention to shortcomings

We can not

  • Decide in arrends
  • Create a registration for students
  • Help students write individual documents such as requests for reconsideration, appeals or reports
  • Express ourselves about the examiner's assessments and grading decisions. However, we can advise you on how to proceed if you are dissatisfied.


To get help, support or guidance, report your case by filling out the form below.

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In order to get back to you and help you with your case, we need your contact details. When we close a case, all data is anonymized.
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Click on which Academic School you belong to and what the matter is about. Then briefly describe your question or what you wish to receive support for.

Information on complaint management

How the university handles complaints

During your study time, it is important that you feel safe, have a good study environment and can focus on your learning. If you encounter problems during your studies, you can make a complaint to the college. The university works on the basis of something called the complaint ladder, which means that you should first turn to your course teacher if you want to report something. You can read more about how the university works here. If you need help with who to contact, you can always turn to the Student and Phd Student Delegates.

The university has an obligation to investigate all types of discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and other abusive treatment. If you have been exposed, you can turn to an employee at the university for help. There are no specific requirements on how a formal report should be designed. You can contact an employee you trust to make a report via both email and phone.

For information on the university's procedures and measures in the event of discrimination and other offensive differential treatment, see Procedures and measures in the event of discrimination, harassment and sexual harassment for students at Södertörn University.

The Discrimination Ombudsman

You can also report discrimination to the Discrimination Ombudsman (DO). DO is an impartial authority tasked with countering discrimination. You can turn here if you experience discrimination based on one of the grounds for discrimination:

  • Sex
  • Gender identity and gender expression
  • Age
  • Sexual orientation
  • Religion or other belief
  • Ethnicity
  • Functional impairment

You can also turn to DO if the university fails to work preventively against discrimination and if you experience reprisals. Click here to report a case of discrimination to DO.

Swedish Higher Education Authority

If the complaint is about a teacher or other staff at the university having broken a rule, you can contact the Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ). UKÄ is a supervisory authority whose task is to audit higher education institutions in Sweden and ensure that they carry out their mission as education provider and authority. On UKÄ's website, you can read more about how to submit a so-called supervisory report against the university.

Contact details for the university

For information about Student Health and contact details for the initiatives and functions that the university offers, see the university's website: → Search: Student Health

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