Thank you, SöderS

Dear members and students at Södertörn University,

It is with a great sense of pride and gratitude that I write my last post in the blog as President of Södertörn University Student Union. The year 2022/23 has been an incredible journey filled with community, commitment and progress. It has been a great joy to be the members' representative and work to improve student life at our university.

As President, I have had the privilege of working alongside a fantastic group of dedicated and enthusiastic students. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your support and participation during this period. Through your commitment, we have worked together to bring student voices forward to create a meaningful student experience that also contributes to a stronger student community. You are the heart and soul of our student union and it has been an honor to represent you.

I would also like to give a special thank you to my colleagues on the board and staff. You have been an amazing team to work with. You have worked tirelessly to realize our goals and have brought the student movement forward. Together, we have taken on challenges, considered strategies and made important decisions to benefit our members. I am deeply grateful for the trust you have shown in me and the energy you have contributed to our common mission for a strong student movement.

Finally, I would like to thank the university's board and employees for your cooperation which has made the work of the student union possible. You have shown your commitment to the best interests of the students and created a greater environment for SöderS to operate in. We are grateful for your trust and the opportunity to influence and improve student life at the university.

Now that my role as President is coming to an end, I am handing over to the President Elect and a new board. I have full confidence that you will continue to move SöderS forward and create a positive difference for our members - Continue to be visionary and vocal in your work.

Best Regards,

Sandra Duru

President of SöderS - Södertörn University Student Union 2022/23

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