For a cheaper life as a student.

Our secondhand bookshop, SöderS Andrahandsbokhandel, is run by and for students. Here you can sell your literature that you don't need anymore and buy the literature that you do need to a much cheaper price. Kinder to the environment and your wallet.

SöderS Andrahandsbokhandel is operated entirely non-profit by students, therefore the opening hours vary from week to week. Follow us on Facebook to keep yourself updated with the opening hours. There you'll also recive tips for newly registered books.

Information for sellers

A book which only gethers dust won't do no good. Sell the books you don't want to keep and get back some of your expenses.

This is how it works

  1. Read the full terms and conditions for sellers.
  2. Bring the books to us at the second hand bookshop. We will register you as a seller, register your books to a price of max 80% of the full price of the book based on the condition (please make note that we don't accept broken books). When one of your books it sold an email is sent to you. If the bookshop isn't open you're able to leave the books with the union staff as long as they're available at the office. Don't forget to leave your contact information.
  3. To recive your profit you need to fill out a form for the payment. Four weeks after we have recived the form you should have recived your profit. You can leave the completed form in the bookshop if we're open or email the form to

>> Download the form here (docx.).

If you have any questions or ideas, email us via

We always strive to develop our business so we're happy to hear your ideas.

Information for buyers

No book costs more than 80% of the full price.

We have an entire bookshelf with books costing 30 SEK each, well worth taking a look at. Don't forget our free bookshelft just outside the bookshop where you can find free books to bring home with you straight away or exchange them towards literature you don't want and can't sell. 

To think of when buying books:

  • Before you make your purchase, view the condition, price and edition of the book. There is no open purchase in SöderS Andrahandsbokhandel. The reason for this is that we mediates other students books and do not sell them ourself. 
  • You can always sell the same book that you purchased in SöderS Andrahandsbokhandel. The difference will be that yoy'll be registered as a seller for the book and will recive the payment when the book is sold. For more information, view Information for sellers. 
  • SöderS Andrahandsbokhandel will give out receipts when asked for and when you as a buyer will be needing it for deductions from employer or literature scholarship. Since we don't offer open purchase, the receipt can't be used to cancel a purchase.

Terms of sale

SöderS Andrahandsbokhandel

SöderS Andrahandsbokhandel uses commission sales, this means that you as a seller will recive your profit when the book have been sold.

The second-hand bookshop sells your book/books for an administrative cost of SEK 30 / book. This cost covers materials and sales costs.

Once you have submitted your book to SöderS Andrahandsbokhandel, you have the right to pick it up whenever you want during the bookstore's opening hours. You can see it as the book belongs to you until someone buys it.

To simplify administration and to prevent the shelves in the bookshop to be overfilled with old books, the books expiers after 1 year. Before they expire, the bookstore will send out two emails to remind you to pick up your book or extend the time it should be on our shelves.

When your book has been sold, an email will be sent to you. Remeber that you have to fill in the payment basis and email it to or submit it to the bookshop. Reminder emails will be sent twice.

SöderS Andrahandsbokhandel reserves the right to reduce the price of your books if that price exceeds the market value of the book.

The bookshop does not accept fiction unless it is literature that is included in a courses.

We receive current compendiums from Södertörn University. Older compendium is advantageously left on the exchange shelf outside the bookshop as reference literature.

SöderS Andrahandsbokhandel reserves the right to refuse, for example, broken books, sharply mismanaged books or very old editions of some books, etc.

SöderS Andrahandsbokhandel is responsible for your books and in the event of theft or your book disappears during the time it is in the bookshop, the bookshop will replace the book with the amount you would have received (sales price minus administration fee) if the book was sold.