for Student Representatives

Here you will find terms and conditions regarding your remuneration and report forms to get it.

Are you entitled remuneration?

Let's find out in three simple steps.

Are you a member?

You need to be a member of SöderS. If you have a Mecenat Card with SöderS' logo or a receipt from your payment for the membership that applies to the current semester, you are a member. You can become a member at any time during the semester.

Are you correctly elected?

You must be elected by SöderS and be a regular student representative in your council. If you are a deputy, you will be paid for the meetings you attended on duty. If you are unsure whether you are regular or deputy, you can check our register.

Do you have all the time and information?

The registration and time reporting form must be correctly completed and submitted no later than 30 days after the end of the semester for payment to take place.

If all steps are completed, this means that you are entitled to remuneration and shall report time!

Tidsrapportering för utbetalning av arvode som studentrepresentant

Om dig
Information om dig för att vi ska kunna betala ut arvode.
Om ditt uppdrag
Information för kontroll och beräkning av arvodets storlek.