Ensuring student´s influence at Södertörn University
Student representatives fill an essential and irreplaceable role both within the student union, and the university as a whole. Together they ensure that students’ voices are listened to and acted upon. 

Shape the future of your education.

As a student representative, you oversee the content of your own, as well as your fellow students’ education. The responsibility therefore includes attending meetings with those in charge of courses and/or programmes offered at the university. During these meetings you will, amongst other things, contribute to making vital decisions regarding your education, such as choosing the course literature.  

Being a student representative will not only give you the opportunity to shape your education, but it will also add merit to your CV. 

All SöderS members get paid for attending meetings as a student representative. The hourly emolument is 100 SEK, in addition to earning 100 SEK for the time spent preparing for the meetings. As such, for a two-hour meeting you will earn 300 SEK. No prerequisites are required to be a student representative, nevertheless we expect the student to treat this role seriously and in a professional manner. This role will require approximately 2 work-hours per month. 

SöderS is responsible for overseeing the quality and content of the education offered at the university. This is accomplished by assigning student representatives. Together student representatives make sure that students’ opinions are heard and acted upon, in turn impacting the quality of the education and atmosphere at Campus Flemingsberg. 

If you have any questions about what is means to be a student representative, please contact the Student Delegates at SöderS. 

If you are interested in becoming a student representative, please contact SöderS who is responsible for assigning students to this role. E-mail  to get involved today!

Get Paid

Register your hours

SöderS members can get paid for the hours they have worked as a student representative. To register your hours, and to read more about how to get an emolument as a student representative,
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Tips and Tricks


Here is a list of useful abbreviations with their meanings.

How it works


This policy document, ‘effect.’ outlines SöderS’ - Södertörn University Student Union official standpoint on student representation at the university. It is one of the regulatory documents which sets out the underpinnings of SöderS’ work. To read effect., download it here:

Knowledge Exchange

The Impact Forum

The Impact Forum is an event hosted by SöderS. Its aim is to support student representatives in their roles by providing them with useful training, workshops and an opportunity for student reps to meet with each other and exchange their experiences