ESN Södertörn

We are a part of SöderS, the student union at Södertörn University. We are also a part of the international network ESN - Erasmus Student Network, which is the largest student network in Europe!

The purpose of ESN Södertörn is to help enrich the international and local students’ experience while they are studying at Södertörn University by arranging different activities and providing a social platform where international and local students can meet. We organize activities such as karaoke, dinner parties, laserdome, museum visits, hikes, pub quizzes and much more!

We’re always looking for active members – people who help us organize events!

You decide how much time you want to put into it! All active members who help out with at least 3 events recieve 7,5 activity points, which gives you priority if you want to apply for exchange studies (only students enrolled at Södertörn University, not exchange students or freemovers).

Contact for more info!