We are your trade union during your studies. Your umbrella when it rains and your shelter in the storm. We take care of your rights, guide you when it gets tough and provide you with a high quality  education and a vibrant campus.

Through our members and membership fees, we ensure exactly this. We pay fees to student representatives, make grants to our associations and provide legal support for you in our office.

Benefits of membership

It is not only SöderS that benefits from you being a member. It also contributes to an easier and cheaper student life for you.


SöderS Pub →

As a member, you get a discount on all food and drinks in our student pub, SöderS Pub, upon presentation of your membership card.

Start an association →

As a member of the student union, you and your fellow students can start a student association for your education or an area of interest and receive financial and organizational support from the student union.

Always cheaper entry

At all student union events, members receive a discount on participation and entry fees. Most of the time, however, student union events are free for members.

Culture and entertainment

Zita People's Cinema →

Zita is Stockholm's oldest cinema in operation and as a member you always get a 60% discount on cinema tickets when you show your membership card at the till. Zita is located at Birger Jarlsgatan 37 in Östermalm.

Student booklet →

Members can pick up the Student Booklet every semester, which is packed with local discounts on food and activities on campus and around Stockholm. The student booklet is provided by the student union via WeStudents.

Education and student influence

Books →

In our second-hand bookstore, you can save thousands on course literature and pass it on to the next batch of students via the student union. As a union member, you get a discount on the brokerage fee when you submit books to us.

Remuneration for student representation →

By getting involved in your education as, for example, a member of your program council or board of school, you will receive remuneration for your assignment if you are a member of the student union.


Stockholm Student Housing Foundation (SSSB) →

SSSB is the union members' own housing queue and offers student rooms, student flats and student apartments all over Stockholm. To be in the housing queue and be able to live with SSSB, you need to be a student and a union member in Stockholm.

For how long will you study?

As a student at Södertörn University, you can become a member for a semester, a year or for the entire period of study. We think that continuity and simplicity should pay off - that's why it's slightly cheaper to become a member for longer periods.

Membership for one semester

125 SEK

One Semester Membership is valid for the current semester regardless of when you sign up for the membership. One semester membership for the spring is valid until the autumn term.

Membership for one year

240 SEK

One year membership is valid for two semesters regardless of when you sign up for the membership. If you sign up for a full-year membership in the autumn, the membership is valid for the academic year. The membership card is updated every semester and is automatically updated when the new semester begins.

Membership for the whole study period

500 SEK

A "Forever membership" is valid for ten semesters regardless of when you sign up for the membership. If you stop studying at Södertörn University and hold a membership for the entire period of study, the membership is paused. If you return to studies at Södertörn University, the membership will be reactivated. A forever membership without an active study pace is stored in our system for five (5) years before the data is deleted.

Support Membership

400 SEK

Support membership can be signed by people who are not studying at Södertörn University but who want to contribute to the student union's activities. Support membership does not provide member benefits. Support membership is signed for one semester.


Mecenat and Membership

How do I get my Mecenat Card?

The Mecenat Card is sent out automatically to the university's students after the start of the semester. If you wish to receive your mecenat card earlier, you can order one via Mecenat.

Mecenat Cards with student union membership can be ordered as soon as you are registered on your education via our membership portal.

When do I get my Mecenat Card?

Your digital Mecenat Card often appears in the Mecenat app just a few minutes after you register.

How do I get a physical Mecenat Card?

Mecenat does not issue any physical cards starting 2024.

How do I get a travel discount at SL on my card?

If you are registered for at least 22.5 higher education credits (75%) during one and the same semester, you have the right to buy an SL card with a student discount. You must have valid student identification with SL's logo (membership card/Mecenat card) when traveling with SL. Here you can read more about age and student discounts at SL.