Why you should be a member:

We make it possible for all the university's students to change their reality. Through high quality education, a vibrant campus and our constant work to be a sustainable and transparent student movement.

We are your trade union during your studies. Your umbrella when it rains and your shelter in the storm. We take care of your rights, guide you when it gets tough and provide you with a high quality  education and a vibrant campus.

Through our members and membership fees, we ensure exactly this. We pay fees to student representatives, make grants to our associations and provide legal support for you in our office.

Benefits of membership

It is not only SöderS that benefits from you being a member. It also contributes to an easier and cheaper student life for you.


Union members' own housing queue. Faster, safer and student-owned.

SöderS Second-hand BookShop

As a member of SöderS, you get a SEK 10 discount per book.

SöderS Pub

Incredible discounts. On everything.

Remuneration for student representation

As a member, you are entitled remuneration for your work.

The Student Booklet

Members get the Student Booklet which is packed with discounts in the campus area and on the internetz.

Entrance Discount

Members always attend our events at a discounted price.

Start an association

Gather your course participants, fix membership and form an association for your education.

Zita Folkets Bio

Members get 60 % discount at Zita Folkets Bio.

Types of Membership

As a student at Södertörn University, you can become a member for a semester, a year or for the entire period of study. We think that continuity and simplicity should pay off - that's why it's slightly cheaper to become a member for longer periods.

One Semester Membership

125 SEK

This is ideal for those students who are only studying one term at Södertörn University, or for those of you who want to get a feel for what it’s like being a SöderS member. This will give you access to all the membership benefits, such as discounts in the SöderS pub, the SöderS Secondhand bookshop or for SöderS’ events.

Year Membership

240 SEK

Make sure you enjoy the benefits of being a member for a whole year. Purchase your membership today to stay involved in the student movement!

Forever Membership

500 SEK

For those who are a registered student at Södertörn University and read an individual course or program, but want to be a member of the union as long as you are a student at the university. This membership includes ten semesters, which means you can take a study break and still be a member when you are a student at Södertörn next time. Also, with this membership you do not have to keep track of when it ends, because you are forever a member of the union!

Support Membership

400 SEK

If you're not a student at Södertörn University you can still support our activities. The support membership does not grant you the same benefits as the valid union membership. The support membership is for one semester.


Mecenat and Membership

How do I get my Mecenat Card?

The Mecenat Card is sent out automatically to the university's students after the start of the semester. If you wish to receive your mecenat card earlier, you can order one via Mecenat.

Mecenat Cards with student union membership can be ordered as soon as you are registered on your education via our membership portal.

When do I get my Mecenat Card?

Your digital Mecenat Card often appears in the Mecenat app just a few minutes after you register.

How do I get a travel discount at SL on my card?

If you are registered for at least 22.5 higher education credits (75%) during one and the same semester, you have the right to buy an SL card with a student discount. You must have valid student identification with SL's logo (membership card/Mecenat card) when traveling with SL. Here you can read more about age and student discounts at SL.