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SöderS is the student union at Södertörn University. We are a non-profit organization that every year gather thousands of members and hundreds of student representatives in our work for a better higher education.

SöderS is the umbrella organization for the student life on campus; we gather and support the student associations and runs a student pub, bookshop, student radio and activities for international students.


Ruling documents and other puzzle pieces that builds SöderS.

ESN Södertörn

ESN is both a part of the student union SöderS and the international network ESN - Erasmus Student Network, which is the largest student network in Europe!


Leave literature you no longer need and fix the new literature list. Cheap. Simple. Second-hand.

SöderS Pub

The heart of Campus Flemingsberg.

SH Radio

Step into the studio. 

Student Sustainability Office

One SöderS, one campus, one student city

Activity Plan 2024/25

Policy for Associations

Guidelines for joining, maintaining and excluding student associations at Södertörn University.

Policy for Sustainability

Guidelines and routines for ecological, economic and social sustainability within Södertörn University Student Union.

Policy for Student Influence

Guidelines for student representation and the local advocacy work at Södertörn University.

Policy for Operations

Guidelines for organizing the operations within Södertörn University Student Union.

Policy for Integrity

Guidelines for processing of members' and students' personal data.